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12 Tricks To Properly Wash, Dry And Fold The Towels To Keep Them Soft And Fresh

Learn how to properly wash, dry and fold the towels with a simple process of 12 tricks that will improve your towels’ material.

These methods will help you keep your towels soft and fresh for a longer time.

1. Wash new towels before you use them. The towels are handled by different persons, are stored in bulk and can be dirty or have all sorts of germs.

2. Colored towels must be washed in warm water. If you have strong colors and you are afraid it might come out in the wash, use half the usual amount of detergent over which you can add half a cup of vinegar. Vinegar will fix the color and it will remove excess detergent.

3. The towels should be changed and washed every 3-4 days. White towels are washed separately because you cannot mix colors.

4. Wash clothes separately from the towels.

5. Use fabric softener but only from three to three washes. Composition wax from the softeners can damage the fibers and reduce their absorption qualities.

6. Shake the towel when you take it out of the washing machine. In this way the fibers get straightened. Do not iron fluffy towels because this absorption reduces their quality.

7. Make sure they are completely dry before you fold them. Any trace of moisture, however small, will cause them to have a rancid smell.

8. Fold towels in three to have more space on the shelf. When you store them, place them with the edges inside the shelf in order to have the middle of the towel on the outside. When you hurry you can quickly take a single towel.

9. If you have cotton hand towels try to keep in mind that these must be ironed.

10. Towels are necessary accessories. Just like bedding, towels are found in many colors and patterns. Fluffy white towels give a clean look as a spa baths, and are the most elegant, as long as there are yellowy.

11. Due to its absorption qualities, cotton is the perfect material for towels. While the towels with no bristles absorb best, they are not the best when it comes to drying. Bristled towels not only absorb water but they also wipe the body. Bristle density is the best indicator for the performance of a towel.

12. Quality towels can withstand up to 10 years if cared for properly. Check the label before you wash and dry.

Now, after this information, I believe you’ll pay more attention and properly wash towels for a lasting period.

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