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3 Steps You Need To Know For Cleaning Your Washing Machine

It is important to know how important is cleaning your washing machine. Learn how to clean your washing machine in only 3 steps in order to prevent accumulated dirt from reaching your clean laundry.

The dirt that is removed from your laundry needs to get somewhere, am I right?

I recommend you follow a simple process consisting of three steps, once at 9 months, a remedy that works for front-loading washing machines, and for those with vertical load, which are not fitted with self-cleaning option.

This will remove accumulated dirt from hose, and you will ensure that your clothes will stay fresh and clean.

Step 1

Run a normal and empty wash cycle in hot water, using two cups of vinegar instead of detergent. The combination of hot water and vinegar will combat bacterial evolution.

Step 2

Use a bucket or sink as a container in which you can mix a quarter cup of vinegar with a quarter cup of hot water. Use this mixture, plus a sponge and a toothbrush to clean the inside of your washing machine. Be careful especially at the container for detergent, inside the door, and if you have a front-loading washing machine, the rubber seal. (If detergent container is removable, put it in vinegar before you clean it). Also, don’t forget to clean the exterior of the washing machine.

Step 3

In the end, try to run one more time a normal and empty wash cycle without detergent or vinegar. This is necessary for properly rinse the washing machine after you have cleaned it. That’s it!

How often do you clean yours?

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