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8 Tips And 20 Minutes For a Spotless House Before the Holidays

Winter holidays are approaching and you have to start preparations for general cleanliness. Learn how to proceed to have a spotless house!

Here’s how to use natural products!


For starters, release the room taking out small pieces of furniture and then vacuum the entire surface. Do not forget areas next to and below the radiator, stove or refrigerator and corners. After this, you can use different cleaning products. As natural cleaning products you can confidently use a solution of vinegar and water. Pour this solution into a mop bucket and wash well using the entire surface. Do not rinse after drying.

The tiles

The tiles in the bathroom get stained with limestone or scaling. Kitchen tile is soiled with grease and oil stains. Prepare a paste of lime juice mixed with sodium bicarbonate. This solution cleans the tiles using an abrasive sponge. The limestone stains and grease should be cleaned immediately.


For a spotless house, furniture is important. To give luster to pale or wooden furniture, use a piece of cotton into which you have dripped a few drops of olive oil and a little cigarette ash. Remove the furniture thoroughly and see that it will have an amazing gloss and also the colors will be more vivid.

Carpets and rugs

A thorough cleaning of the carpet requires it to start vacuuming. Use a vacuum cleaner with high power absorption and vacuum thoroughly both the length and width of the carpet. For shine and freshness color rub the carpet or rug with half a fresh cabbage. To remove, use vinegar or beer with confidence. Soak a clean cloth in beer and delete the affected areas.

Stove and oven

Spots on the stove give us much hassle. For an easier cleaning, soak the stains with dishwashing detergent and leave it on for 15 minutes. Use also a fairly wide range of products. Lemon juice removes grease stains and cleans burning debris with sodium bicarbonate. You can also use fine salt mixed with a few drops of vinegar.

The refrigerator

To remove the odor from your refrigerator, or stains and food debris, you should be using vinegar or lemon juice.

Sanitary objects

Use confidently apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda and coarse salt. Rub the iron and steel surfaces with scouring pads but avoid wire brushes so you won’t damage the material.


The windows of the room, balcony or kitchen must be cleaned both inside and outside. Use rubbing alcohol and newspaper and you will be amazed how efficient this method really is.

There you have them, natural solutions for your spotless house. Now everything should be ready for the holidays when you can relax and enjoy precious moments with your family!

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