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How To Clean Suede Shoes: Five Tricks That Actually Work!

Like any smart fashion lover, you know you have to take care for flawless key pieces in which you have considerable invested. Today I want to reveal to you how to clean suede shoes, a demanding and delicate texture that is taking the fashion of the moment.

70s got back in force in fashion with its most chic suede pieces. It is easier than you think to prolong the life of preferred shoes, jackets, tops and skirts, in order to make them look flawless even for years away, from the time they came into your wardrobe.

Here’s how to clean suede shoes.

1. Liquid stains are removed with talcum powder or corn flour

Especially oil stains should be immediately covered with powder or corn. Let them dry overnight and in the morning clean the surface with a brush.

2. Dry stains are removed with white vinegar

Water stains or traces of white salt left if you caught the rain can get cleaned with a clean cloth and white vinegar. Repeat the procedure several times until the area is completely clean. Leave the surface to dry and then refresh the appearance of suede material using a stiff brush.

Beware of one thing: do not clean suede shoes with water!

3. The mud is cleaned with a stiff brush

After you have cleaned the dried mud with a resistant brush and there still remained a stain, use the steamer option from your iron. Do not apply it on the material, but try to foggy remotely the stained area in order for the suede material to soften slightly, and then brush again. For suede sandals you should use a very soft toothbrush.

4. Small stains are removed with an eraser

We’re talking small dust spots. If the surface has a difficult spot, vinegar is the solution!

5. Protect suede shoes from the rain with a waterproof spray

A small dose of waterproof spray on the surface will have an amazing effect that will last several months. Our recommendation is to brush your suede shoes well before applying the spray. Repeat this procedure every 2-3 months!

These are the most effective methods that you can try at home with natural ingredients.

Which of these tricks have worked for you so far?

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