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Indoor Plants With Purifying Role That Clean The Air And The Dust From Your House

Most plant lovers know there are certain species that beautifies the home, while caring for people’s health. All this, without asking anything in return. To name a few of these indoor plants that clean the air: ivy, aloe vera and gerbera.

Some flowers are beautiful, others survive in harsh conditions, and plants such as ivy can help you with cleaning because it can reduce deposits of dust in the room. Fill the house with indoor plants that clean the air and you will see how blessed you will be taking this decision. You can confidently use them when it comes to the space where you work.

In case you did not know, representatives of NASA (The National Aeronautics and Space Administration) began to think seriously to build systems that can sustain life, if, hypothetically, people would live on the moon. These systems are based on plants that filter and purify the air.

Spider plant, ideal for workspace

Scientifically, it is called Chlorophytum comosum, but we know spider plant, due to the shape and scattered leaves. This plant is easy to maintain and resistant to high and low temperatures and it efficiently cleans the air in the home, more beneficial when you have pets active.

Moreover, the plant absorbs benzene, carbon monoxide and substances that accumulate in the leather upholstery or carpeting, which is even better.

Gerbera air cleans and deodorizes the room

It can filter the air after you have used chemicals for cleaning, so gerbera is ideal for homes with children. Gerbera adorn the room because it makes colorful and delicate flowers, but its role is much more important: it purifies the air and it leaves behind a fresh atmosphere with a breathable and easily fragrant air. Give it light and it will take care that your clothes won’t catch the odor of food or other flavors.

Another perfect indoor plant is Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a miracle plant for your health. Besides the fact that it heals wounds and burns, as everyone knows, this green plant, easily recognizable, can also help to purify the air in the room. You can tell this effect after you paint the house. You will notice how fast it goes the smell of paint. That’s because aloe vera absorbs chemicals and replaces them with oxygen.

Mother-in-Law’s Tongue is perfect for your bathroom

At the flowers and seeds store or at the plants store, you can ask for Sansevieria, if you do not know it is called Mother-in-Law’s Tongue. You need to have this plant in the house, because it can successfully eliminate many odors out of the house, especially the ones in the bathroom.

In addition, it needs bright light. Experts say language that Mother-in-Law’s Tongue emanates substances that have bactericidal, fungicidal effect. It is said that it can absorb negative energies of the house and reconciles conflicts which is another bonus.

Ivy reduces dust deposits

Whether you choose the devil’s ivy or simple ivy, both plants have purifying role in the home. They are beautiful and have high demands when it comes to their care. On the other hand, if you have them in your house, it is likely that the dust won’t set on the furniture so often. Ivy absorbs dust on surfaces prior to enshroud the house.

You can arrange house with evergreen plants. And the decor is ready!

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