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Solutions To Remove Tough Stains On Clothes Effectively And Quickly

We often struggle with terrible stains on clothes! Therefore we “lose” both our mood spirit and some clothing pieces. I would like to suggest a few tips for removing tough stains on your clothes. These are not hard to follow advices and definitely worth a try.

Oil stains

Have you spotted clothes with butter? Then quickly clean it with soap and warm water. Then put the iron heated on the spot, but only after you put a sheet of paper on the fabric. And if the piece is made of silk, then powder it quickly with talc to absorb the grease. After this, just wash the clothes with soap and water.

Red wine stains

If you are struggling with this issue, pour over the stain any colorless alcohol (vodka, brandy or pure alcohol). Then put clothes soaked in warm water with detergent for 30 minutes.

Fruit juice stains

Juice stains can be removed easily by using a mixture of alcohol with ammonia. After that clothes must be rinsed thoroughly with lukewarm water. And if you let the stain dry, then apply glycerin (1-2 hours), then add a few drops of vinegar (5-10 min) and rinse well.

Coffee stains

Morning coffee left traces on your shirt or jacket? Try to wipe the stain with a cloth soaked in carbonated mineral water, after which leave the material about an hour in the water with plenty of salt. Then wash and rinse thoroughly.

Stains of chocolate or cocoa

With a cotton swab dipped in glycerin rub very well the dirty stain of chocolate or cocoa. This procedure can be used on any kind of fabric. After 10 minutes wash the garment in warm water.

Grease and oil stains

Oil stains can be removed by rubbing with a towel soaked in alcohol or acetone, but you must be careful with colorful clothes, because there is a risk of discoloration. In the case of silk fabrics, grease spots can be easily removed by soaking the material in a solution in which you dissolved a lot of salt and ammonia.

Sweat stains

The unpleasant and the ugly sweat stains can be removed easily with a solution of water and vinegar. Pour this over the stain composition and leave for 10-15 minutes and then wash the garment in warm water and detergent.

Lipstick stains

You were careless and you speckled your blouse with lipstick? Gently dab without rubbing the lipstick traces with cotton soaked in alcohol. Immediately after, wash this piece of clothing with hot water and detergent. If the lipstick is resistant, try to remove the stain using hair fixative. After you have applied the hair spray, put clothes to soak in hot water and detergent for 10 minutes. This method you can use for ink stains and wine.

Foundation stains

Frequent foundation stains can be removed by rubbing … easily with crumbs or a slice of bread on the stained area.

Pen or ink stains

If these are fresh stains you can remove them gently by rubbing with milk. Keep the stained area in hot milk stain or apply a few drops of hot milk. Another method would be to dip the clothes in heated lemon juice or a solution of one teaspoon of lemon salt and 200 ml warm water. Another resort for pen stains is rubbing with an alcohol solution.

Yellow stains on clothes

You can remove yellow stains from clothing, using sodium bicarbonate. Rub the place with a solution of bicarbonate and water, and then allow it to soak for about one hour in the same solution. After this wash your garment.

Grass stains

Grass stain is removed by applying a solution composed of a lemon juice and a little water, leave for 20 minutes, and then wash the garment in warm water and detergent. Another method would be rubbing with hot alcohol.


A fast and highly efficient method for traces of chewing gum is the freezer. The first thing you must do is to freeze the stain. How do you do that? Apply a piece of ice even on the gum. After solidifying it, peel it off with a knife. If there still are remaining traces rinse thoroughly with vinegar.

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