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Clean Quickly And Well! Tricks And Ideas To Clean Like A Pro

There are methods to clean quickly and well in the easiest way. Sometimes these solutions pass by, ignoring them and choose to use hazardous chemicals.

Here are some solutions and ideas that help you learn how to quickly clean and well.

How to clean marble

Marble scratches and stains easily because it is porous and absorbs colored liquids. A marble countertop in the kitchen is really nice only if it is perfectly clean. Stains on marble cleaned with a dilute solution of lemon juice and water or vinegar and water in equal parts. Dab the stain until it disappears then rinse with water to remove vinegar or lemon juice that is acidic attack of marble. Regarding scratches disappear when you rub lightly with a piece of foil made bead. This is a fine abrasive that makes traces and superficial scratches disappear. You can quickly clean and well marbles if a rub with rough side of a sponge and dry again.

Want to laundry dry faster if you do not have a clothes dryer? Squeeze laundry at maximum speed. Put in the washing machine what you want to quickly dry with a large towel and dry, and then repeat the spin cycle.

Traces of glasses on furniture

This is not about clean without chemicals, but rather to repair without chemicals. The solution is to delete the place very well and put the trace left by glass, wood real mayonnaise, made from egg yolk and oil. Leave to act for 10-12 hours, possibly repeat operation. The idea is that after disappears!

Silver, nickel and other metals are cleaned quickly and thoroughly with toothpaste and toothbrush. Toothpaste is abrasive so if you rub the stained area with a toothbrush to clean or dirty it perfect. Do not use a paste than classical, in any case those that contain bleaching substances that can damage the metal. Subsequently wash and wipe flask. Also, with toothpaste you can quickly clean and well objects and stainless kitchen sink and bathroom. It simply rubs the affected area with a cloth, to leave an hour to act then clean.

The core of white bread quickly cleans the oil paintings. Use core of white bread like you use a sponge and wipe dust and dirt surface painting. It is useful for painting with acrylic paint without protective glass. Bread and remove grease stains on wallpaper. Dab the stain with crumb.

Ketchup is the best solution to quickly clean and tracks well, stains and oxidized zones of the copper pots and pans and brass. It has the ability to bring them to their original color. It is enough to rub the stains with a sponge and a little ketchup.

Used tea sachets are ideal to quickly clean and good toilet bowl. Collect more envelopes used green tea and let them all night in the toilet. Leaves can remove stains impossible to clean the bottom of the toilet bowl.

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