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Clean With Lemon. 13 Practical And Ecological Solutions

Learn how you can clean with lemon virtually everything in the house. Instead of cleaning classic products you can make your own solutions, organic, natural fragrance that works perfectly. Just like in the commercials of chemicals, maybe even better.

  1. Grout between tiles can be cleaned with lemon juice. You can use a brush or sponge.
  2. Put and leave in the trash basket a lemon peel. The smell disappears.
  3. Stainless steel valves get cleaned with the inside part of a lemon, the white shell after the juice has been squeezed. You can also use the lemon juice.
  4. Put the lemon peel in boiling water. Remove lemon and leave it on a plate in the room. Refresh the air. The same result you’ll get by putting a slice of lemon on a plate over which you sprinkled baking soda.
  5. Plastic containers with clean water mixed with lemon juice in equal parts. The grease, smell and stains will disappear.
  6. Kitchen countertop is perfectly clean with lemon juice and water in equal parts. Put the solution into a spray and always uses when needed. No need to rinse, it is not toxic.
  7. The same solution can perfectly clean laminate flooring.
  8. A half cup of lemon juice does exactly the same thing that one cup of chlorine makes for laundry. Put lemon juice in the washing machine.
  9. Wooden or plastic choppers get perfectly clean with lemon juice. You can remove stains and odors by rubbing lemon peel. Peel oil has disinfectant properties.
  10. Make a paste of lemon juice and table salt. Use it to scrub all moldy surfaces. Add lemon juice in dish detergent to increase efficiency. In a 500 ml bottle add the juice of one lemon. In addition it will degrade more easily in wastewater.
  11. Use borax and lemon juice to clean the toilet. The effect is magical!
  12. Lemon peel removes odor of garlic and fish on hand.
  13. Put juice in a spray because it can perfectly clean mirrors, windows and glass!

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