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Fast And Efficient 6 Tricks For Cleaning

If you want to create the feeling that cleanliness reigns in your home, you only need five minutes of intense work, but also the application of surprising tricks.

Did you get a call from a friend or family member telling you that in 10 minutes he will make a short visit? Even if the house is a mess, you should not panic. Breathe deeply and apply the tips below:

Create a pleasant smell

Unpleasant odor in your home is the first and most powerful sign that chaos reigns inside. Before you have guests, light some scented candles. This is, however, emergency solution. To ensure that odors do not invade your home, always leave the windows open when you leave home, especially during the summer. In addition, your kitchen should not miss such an incredibly effective device that prevents odors to spread in your home.

Remove dust and the key objects

To create a feeling of cleanliness, it is mandatory to wipe dust spots and TV, table, kitchen counter and toilet. Your TV is living in the spotlight, and the traces of dust are visible to an observer. There is also the chance that guests entering the kitchen and sit at the table and the possibility of needing the toilet during the visit.

Hide things effectively

When you choose to hide all sorts of clothes and very fast, before your guests knock at the door, do so in an organized and efficient. Put things in separate boxes, according to the room to which they belong. Once the guests will leave, it will be much easier to sit in place, without making dozens of roads from one room to another in an attempt to understand the chaos that you’ve created.

Clean the hair on sofa

The sofa is one of the most important items of furniture in your house and probably one that guests will be using mostly. Quickly using a roll of paper glued to remove any lint and hairs, especially if you have a pet in the house.

Hide dirty dishes

If guests arrive in five minutes and you have no time to wash dishes, do not leave them in the sink, but places them in order on a plate and hide them in the oven. Once guests will leave get them out of there and you can wash them in peace without anyone rushing you.

Spend five minutes each day doing cleaning

Do not expect the unexpected guests to clean up the house very quickly, in just five minutes. Cleaning this session is only one way to not invite guests into a house where to try to go as quickly. If you do, however, clean every day, for 5-10 minutes with the same intensity, your home will always look clean. In this way, the only thing you’ll do before the guests’ arrival will be the one to check if you have wine, whiskey or beer in the fridge.

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