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How To Clean Curtains And Blinds

Window decoration is not only for decorative purposes. It allows you to control the amount of light entering the room, which is essential to avoid furniture or bleach stains on the floor because of the sun, but also to maintain a certain degree of privacy. All parts should be decorative window cleaning every month.

Depending on the material, here are some tips for cleaning curtains and blinds.

Venetian blinds fabric

Monthly: Clean using the brush to dust the vacuum cleaner.
Annually: Wash and dry.

Vertical blinds fabric

Every month: Close the blinds to be straight. Use the “dust-brush” a vacuum (suction power puts the minimum). To a hand wash, take off perches and place it on a flat surface. Cover the stain with a sponge soaked in a liquid used for washing dishes, not too strong and warm water. Treat stains consistent with a special substance for upholstered materials (test it on a small spot).
Annually: Hire a professional to clean the windows using special methods of drying.

Venetian blinds made of vinyl or metal.

Every month: Close blinds to be straight. From top to bottom, wipe the dust with a feather brush with a brush in lamb’s wool with a damp cloth, or use the “dust-brush” a vacuum (suction power puts the minimum). Close them in the opposite direction and repeat the process.
Twice a year: Wash every perch in part using a damp cloth and a liquid used for washing, not too strong. Do not use abrasive cleaning items, as this will mar the finish. Some of rungs below vertical blinds can be given simultaneously, making it easier to clean them.

Pleated blinds

Every month: Use the “dust-brush” a vacuum (suction power puts the minimum). Cleaning with a vacuum is the only way this kind of blind.

Draperies and curtains

Every month: Use our vacuum cleaner to clean upholstered materials (put the minimum suction power).
Annually: If the fabric is washable, wash it in the washing machine. Put them on a string to dry and iron them as wet. If the material is not washable, take him to the cleaners.
Drapes and curtains in the bathroom or kitchen, or those that are generally in dusty areas, require more cleaning.

Wood blinds and shutters

Every month: Close perches to be straight. Starting from the top down, clean using a brush of feathers, wool brush lamb, electrostatic material, or use “dust-brush” a vacuum (suction power put on minimum). Close them in the opposite direction and repeat the process. Blinds and shutters wood should not be exposed to moisture in the steam bath or kitchen.
Annually: Wash every perch in hand with a damp cloth, and then dry them.

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