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How to Clean Sofa Covers

Most times, the sofa covers is an element of attraction for the room but are also the most challenging in terms of maintenance and it requires a lot of attention when it comes to clean. Most covers are pre-washed sofa factory, and this prevents material decrease in subsequent washings. If your couch covers are from 100% cotton or damask, they can be easily washed at home. It is important to check the label sleeve to observe the composition of the material and cleaning instructions.

Cleaning methods

One of the solutions at hand is dry-cleaning only if the label indicates that the material is suitable for such cleaning. Otherwise, you’ll find indications of the temperature washing and ironing. Most sofa covers fit easily in the dishwasher, usually in two washes, one for cushion covers, if any, and one for sofa cover itself.

If the material is stained, previously apply a stain remover product directly onto stains (preferably without chlorine bleach on colored swabs or delicate fabrics). Wedge gently using a cotton cloth. Then again apply the product to remove stains and leave it to act as needed after its indications. You will also need a third application when chicken bag in the washing machine.

Covers should be washed in lukewarm water and light and dark colors in cold water. The material treat milder, the time will last longer.

Drying and ironing

Dry the material for 10-15 minutes at medium setting or permanent press, if you have hair. This process will remove most of the crease and will remove moisture from the material. Remove the side cover large sections of the dryer when just dry and joints are still very wet. This is the best time for proper ironing pleats or cuffs flat for a clean and beautiful. Do not trample all over your skin, because using steam iron can stretch fabric and fit will affect the skin on the couch.

Put the cover slightly wet on the couch, leaving portions that fold in the sides of the seat unfolded and free. It is important to note that while the chicken skin too wet on the couch, mold can occur indoors. Arrange skin and smooth wrinkles to the shape of the sofa which were formed in the meantime. Put cushions and covers the zipper pull, then make sure that the place of contact between sofa cushions and is as low as possible to facilitate air circulation.

Note: all fabrics will lose in quality after each wash. Cotton products become softer with each wash and worn. Also, darker colors may fade considerably, but this is the charm covers. The cover should resist several years; it is only washed a few times a year. If you have pets or small children and wash frequently covers, it is useful to have in the house a material similar, if not identical, to replace a case that should clean it.

If you accidentally leave the bag in the dryer for too long and is tightened too much, you can wash again and you can fix on the couch even if a little damp; In this way, you can stretch cotton sofa sizes.

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