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How Do You Clean The Dust From The Leaves Of Houseplants?

Dust on the leaves of houseplants is a problem. It is hard to clean; some plants do not tolerate wet leaves and, in addition, is a constant required operation, at least once every two weeks. Why should you clean the dust from the leaves of houseplants? Dust can block breathing process of the plant and reduces plant capacity to make photosynthesis under the influence of sunlight, which in time leads to reduced growth rate.

A clean plant, which receives enough light, is a healthy plant, more resistant to pests and disease.

Therefore, periodic cleaning of leaves will bring benefits to the plants you cherish so much and it will give a more pleasant interior.

Depending on the environment and how dust circulates the air through the dust on the leaves of houseplants should be cleaned as soon as it becomes visible or feel if you touch your finger leaves.

The easiest way to clean dust from the leaves of houseplants is the shower. Put the plant in tub and shower and using a jet of water at ambient temperature minimum, give the plant a sprinkle. Leave the plant to drain the water about two hours before putting it into place.

If the pots are too high and they cannot be moved easily, you can clean the dust of indoor plants by spraying them with water and wiping them with paper towels. Obviously you have to do that with each leaf in your hand.

For plants that do not support the wet leaves, the best solution is a very fine brush to gently remove the dust with which you should wipe gently so you won’t injure the plant.

Never use chemical solutions or other substances for cleaning the leaves. Normally, beer or milk it is used to clean dust from the leaves of houseplants. Even so, the leaves should be cleaned well because these liquids can suffocate the plant with excessive water.

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