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How To Get Rid Of Ants With Natural Solutions

If you have ants invasion and you want to keep your insecticide away from them (you may have a horror of chemicals or you do not want to invest in them from the eco spirit), you can resort to a range of natural solutions to keep them away. Thus, learn how to get rid of ants with sodium borate with sugar, baby powder, and others, which you can find below if you keep reading!

The most used ingredient in domestic battles with ants seems to be sodium borate (Borax). The optimal solution presented is a half-half-mixture of sodium borate and sugar placed in a cap, since most ants are attracted to sweet stuff. Less red ants and dwarf ant, which can only be removed with insecticides. Besides borax, you can also sprinkle baby powder around the ants nest to disorientate – lose the trail, wander, and eventually die. Baby powder can also work when you want to avoid the penetration of ants in the house because insects will not climb dust.

Further, if you do not have a powder, you can put slices of cucumbers around the holes or cracks in the dwelling because apparently, the ants hate cucumbers. Or drag lines around the chalk around the doors or the window sills – just like in the case of baby powder, ants do not like sticking to the soles. Or put bay leaves or sprinkle red pepper in the places where the ants get into your house – according to Planet Green, ants hate their smell. Or, make a cleaning solution of vinegar, water and about 10 drops of tea tree oil and scatter it through the house, because of this mixture, like baby powder, disrupts the insects.

Finally, some general tips: always clean the kitchen, dispose of garbage constantly, and insulate your door supports and fasteners. Do you know other solutions?

Garlic water

The combination of sulfur and fresh garlic is very annoying for ants. This natural method helps you eliminate them, protecting your home.

How is it prepared?

Put some cloves of garlic in a pot of water and allow to soak for at least 24 hours.
After a day, boil the garlic in a small heat for 15 minutes.
Pour the liquid into a spray bottle and sprinkle it where the ants are if needed.

Rice for ants

When the rice is fermenting, a fungus that drives the ants’ forms on its surface.

How is it prepared?

Spread rice grains in areas where ants frequently occur.
At that moment, the ants will drop off what they are carrying at that time, and they will take the rice beans into their mound.
Later, because of the heat, the rice will ferment and produce the expected effect.

Orange peel

Many people throw the orange peel into the trash without knowing that it has amazing properties that can contribute to their health and clean the house.

In the present case, the substance that contains the orange peel is toxic to ants.

How is it prepared?

Cut into small pieces or shave the bark of an orange. Place the pieces in areas where ants usually appear.
They will carry the bits of shell in the moss and die from the toxic substance.

Image Credits: The Spruce
How To Get Rid Of Ants With Natural Solutions

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