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How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes

Summer is the favorite season for many of us. And that for a simple reason: we can spend more time outdoors, either in nature or at a barbecue or at the pool, in the backyard or garden behind the house. When it comes in the evening, silence is threatened by insects that give us stamps to splash out with our blood: mosquitoes. There are many natural solutions that will help us on how to get rid of mosquitoes.

Here are the top 10 mosquito defense tactics outside the house without insecticides.

Annually, mosquitoes are victims of 725,000 people globally. Obviously, not the mosquito itself is the killer, but the diseases that he sends through his sting, the most lethal being malaria.

Therefore, in order to develop an adequate defense strategy, we must first know our enemy.

Where does it come from and how does mosquito develop?

Mosquitoes need a wet environment to grow, larvae living in stagnant water and feeding on microorganisms and organic matter.

Therefore, any container or water holding area for a few days in a row can be a source for the development of mosquito populations. Although mosquitoes can fly far from the breeding site in search of a blood supply, it is very likely that vampires attacking us are “raised” even in our yard or garden.

Global warming, which unfortunately we are witnessing, influences the development of mosquito populations as a result of rising temperatures favoring the expansion of their habitat.

Why are mosquitoes stinging?

Contrary to expectations, stinging vampires are females, just the adult female sting feeds on blood, male adults being “vegetarian”, feeding them with the nectar of flowers. Blood represents for adult male mosquito a source of protein, indispensable for reproduction.

How do mosquitoes identify prey?

Mosquitoes have a complex sensor system that helps them to target and identify the “blood donor”, respectively the human or host animals. The most important are: heat, humidity, carbon dioxide (CO2), and various chemicals that human skin excretes. More than 500 volatile compounds are evaporated from our skin, some of which, like amino acids, ammonia, lactic acid, are detectable by small vampires, mosquitoes, using small antennas.

Children and pregnant women, most exposed to mosquitoes

With skin and thinner blood vessels, so easier to get, children are ideal targets for mosquitoes. In addition, children suffer more severely the mosquito bites and the itching caused by them, and there is the risk, due to excessive scratching, of causing wounds that can lead to infections.
Also, according to studies, it seems that pregnant women are twice as prone to mosquito bites. During pregnancy, women have a higher body temperature, mosquitoes being attracted to those with a high temperature. Also, pregnant women sweat more and also release more carbon dioxide, making them more attractive to mosquitoes.

In addition, during pregnancy, the smell of the pregnant woman’s skin may change suddenly due to hormonal changes, which may cause a sweeter smell of skin that attracts mosquitoes.


Now that we know our enemy better, it’s time to see how we can defend it. Before resorting to various insecticides, the best ways to protect our mosquitoes is to give them a smaller target and eliminate their reproductive sites.

It’s simpler to prevent than to fight

Insecticides and repellents should be the last solution. Before calling on them, make sure you take all possible measures to minimize exposure to mosquito attack and not allow them to grow on your own, eliminating the causes that favor their development.

Insecticidal, natural herbal tactics to get rid of mosquitoes

If you have not completely escaped mosquitoes, avoid using insecticides, most of which are ineffective, and in addition pose health risks. Below is a list of natural, very simple and handy remedies you can use to get rid of mosquitoes without having to resort to insecticides.

Air the terrace

Install one or more fans on the terrace. The mosquitoes are disturbed by the breeze, because they are overwhelmed by the sense of orientation and make it difficult for them to fly.

Do not throw the coffee in the trash. “Throw it” into the garden

Stop throwing coffee in the garbage. You can use it to get rid of mosquitoes from the early stages, when they are still larvae. Spread the coffee in the courtyard or garden water areas, the preferred mosquito site for breeding. Coffee is absorbing oxygen from the water and thus forcing mosquito larvae to surface. In this way the mosquitoes do not even get to mature and sting.

Plant flowers that repell mosquitoes

It seems hard to believe, but there are a number of plants and flowers that mosquitoes can not bear.

Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus) – is the most well-known plant that drives mosquitoes. The Lemongrass extract is the natural ingredient most used in the formulation of mosquito repellent products. The plant exudes a potent aroma that masks other flavors that our skin exudes and attract mosquitoes, making it difficult to find the target.

Marigolds – grown as ornamental plants, have a distinctive odor that mosquitoes find particularly disturbing. Marigolds contain Pyrethrum, a compound used in many repellent insecticides.

Muscat – beautiful and highly fragrant, are one of the main ingredients in insect repellent sprays. Plant them in your garden and pots and amaze them around the patio. They will beautifully decorate the environment and will keep the mosquitoes away.

Basil and rosary – are not only flavorful plants, which give a great taste to the food, but also have a repellent effect, effectively driving mosquitoes. They can be planted easily in the garden, so they can be moved easily wherever you are. Place more such recipe on the table in the garden and around the terrace.
Grass matte – (Nepeta cataria) known in the people and under the name of mint-mate, is a herbaceous plant, spontaneously growing by rakes or on the side of roads, but it is also cultivated. It has a strong, aromatic, peppery smell, similar to that of lemon. Studies show that the essential oil extracted from this plant is 10 times more effective at removing mosquitoes, the most used ingredient in repellent insecticides. Keep away from you and bugs and other insects. In addition, if you have a cat around, it will be on the verge of happiness, as this plant has an affectional effect on cats.

Prepare a natural solution and sprinkle it in the garden

You can remove mosquitoes without resorting to insecticides. For example, if you have a spraying device (eg vermorel) you can prepare a solution having the following composition:
1/3 bears status (of any kind)
1/3 bitter salt called epsom salt (magnesium sulphate) – find your way or pharmacy
1/3 mouthwash (containing alcohol)
With this solution you spray the lawn, the hedge, the yard and any other areas adored by the mosquitoes for reproduction. Sprinkle at the beginning of the year (when mosquitoes have not yet appeared) and repeat the action in the summer. The smell is a bit strange, but it quickly disappears, so you can enjoy a mosquito-free summer in the garden or on the terrace.

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Image Credits: Animals – National Geographic

How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes

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