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How To Get Rid Of Spiders And Maintain Good Hygiene

No matter how courageous you are, the invasions of spiders and other torturers are not at all pleasant so you need to learn how to get rid of spiders. Or, overgrowth of these insects is highly probable if you live at home and you have an orchard nearby. No matter how clean your house is, the spiders will come from where and when you do not even expect it. If they are not your favorites and you have not already started to give them names, you will probably try all the ways to get rid of them. In fact, even if their net catches other uninhabitable visiting insects through the apartment, their presence through the corners of the house will leave a wrong impression on those who cross your threshold.

Sometimes commercial insecticides do not exterminate these invasions, so here are some useful natural repellents:

Citrus fruits

Squeeze a lemon or an orange and drip the juice through all the corners and nooks of the house. Spiders do not support the smell and astringent taste of citrus.


Cedar is the perfect repellent for spiders, so consider using this wood to produce furniture in the home and garden.

White vinegar

Mix a portion of white vinegar with some water and pour the solution into a spray bottle. Spread the substance everywhere through the house to kill and spider spiders.

Essential mint oil

Spiders do not mix well with peppermint oil, so why do not you take advantage of it to the fullest? Mix 8 drops of essential mint oil with a little water and water detergent and spray the solution obtained through all the corners and corners of the house. If the solution is not concentrated enough, add another 8 drops. Also, for a stronger repellent, you can dilute mint oil not with water but with vinegar.


Chestnuts and walnuts are also very good repellents for spiders, banishing spiders by the smell they emit. Put strategically a handful of chestnuts on the glass pan and you’ll quickly get rid of spiders.

Maintaining good hygiene

Of course, good hygiene of the home contributes enormously to the prevention and eradication of spider-infestations. Aspirate and mature frequently the carpets and floors, maintain order in the rooms and remove the very old objects that can attract these insects. If you stay at home, it is especially important to maintain order and cleanliness including in the yard and in the garden.

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How To Get Rid Of Spiders And Maintain Good Hygiene

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