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The Best Solutions On How To Get Rid Of Aphids

The warmth and moisture of early summer help the aphids to grow rapidly in the garden or among the pot plants. The tiny insects, in the lice category, gather the tassel on their tender buds and suffocate them. Thus, you need to learn how to get rid of aphids so you can save your plants. Read this article and keep your plants safe!

Aphids are particularly dangerous if they manage to multiply on the plant stem. They attack the tip of the young branches, where it is easier for them to feed from the plant’s sap, so you will see dozens of green lobsters gathered on leaves and young shoots or flower buds. Aphids destroy them slowly, slowly, the leaves begin to twist and no longer grow, and the blooms do not grow enough to blossom. In the case of fruit trees that are afraid of aphids, the harvest is compromised. Green leeks attack almost all trees and all plants with flowers, including rosary roses or creeping plants. They are a real nuisance in the gardens and must be removed from the first days of appearance, not to multiply. Most times, aphids attack allows other bacteria or fungi to spread into fruit trees or among your favorite flowers.

Here’s how to get rid of aphids with natural solutions

Periodically check the leaves of plants and fruit trees, especially at the tips of young branches. At first, the aphids colonies are restricted, and the lice hide under the leaves and stand out only after they have been excessively multiplied.

Gently cleanses the attacking branches and leaves and removes the aphids with a soft cotton flop of water. Insist on the back of the leaves, where the lice deposit thousands of microscopic eggs. Clean the plants weekly, because you will not get rid of aphids for the first time.

Sprinkle the areas affected by lice with a solution of two parts of water and a portion of alcohol. This solution will kill aphids larvae, but will also affect young leaves that tend to dry. Therefore, on the following day and the next day, it is best to spray on the leaves simple water or even rain water.

If alcohol does not work, combine 1 liter of hot water with 30 ml of oil and a few cloves of garlic crushed. Oil and garlic kill and expels aphids, due to the smell and the fat.

If the aphids have grown worrisome and your trees or flowers are compromised, turn to the special commercial solutions, but be careful to respect the proportions indicated on the label. In extreme cases, it is best to cut the affected branches, collect them in a bag and burn them.

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The Best Solutions On How To Get Rid Of Aphids

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