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How To Get Rid Of Ants In House – 10 Natural Solutions That Work

Regardless of the season, you need to learn how to get rid of ants in house. You should take action. That means the ants have made a nest in your home if they are always there. In this article, I will tell you about some steps you need to follow in order to keep your house clean. Then, you should apply 10 natural solutions that will definitely work. Keep reading!

6 Steps To Keep Your House Clean To Prevent Ants From Showing Up:

Step 1: Get rid of crumbs and water

The first thing you have to do is determine where the ants come in. Then shelter all the food that attracts them. Do not leave water on the table or sink. Clean up the meal after eating and drinking.

Step 2: Get the garbage away from home

A lot of people keep their trash in the house (usually under the sink). A very dangerous thing, both from the point of view of microbes and insects. Never leave garbage in the house, go as far as possible. Even keeping it on the balcony is not a solution, if your block does not have the geogrid slide.

Step 3: Pack the food

When you open a bag of flour, wheat, grain, etc., after use, seal the pack with food foil. You will prevent impoverished ants (but also other insects) from invading your pantry.

Step 4: Stop the holes

If you find out which are the holes that ants come in, you’d better snap them off. The least toxic solution is silicone.

Step 5: Spread the hot pepper powder

If you have small children in the home, it is normal to make sure you do not use toxic substances. But you can get rid of ants with natural insecticides: hot pepper powder. Equally effective are the dried mint leaves. Spread these “ingredients” through the entrance to the house. Ants will detect the smell and stay away.

Step 6: Make natural insecticides

Here are some recipes with which you can keep your ants away from your home.

– Pour a teaspoon of boric acid into 74 ml of honey and warm until the boric acid dissolves. Draw the solution into a pipette and mix with a water pipette, then pour into the places where you usually see ants for two weeks.

– Put into a blender the orange peel and water and spray the solution where you see the ants.

10 Natural Solutions on How To Get Rid Of Ants in House

1. Water

Irrigation is the most natural way to get rid of ants, definitely. The most effective use of water is to use it on the holes through which ants come out. For the best results, you need to track where the ants are so you can be successful with this method. For small surfaces, you only need hot water. Spray it on the places you know there are ants and you’re good. You will have a clean environment in your house.

2. Apple vinegar

The antifungal and anti-insecticidal properties of vinegar will help you eliminate ants. You could put it in a spray bottle and apply it with confidence because it will definitely work.

3. Chlorine

Another solution that kills ants is water and chlorine. Mix them in a spray bottle and apply over ants. This method is also harmful to you, so you should use it carefully. However, it will get you rid of ants for sure!

4. Lime grains

It’s an easy way to put it into practice. We recommend placing lime grains at the entrance, where the most ants are coming from. And of course, you should wear gloves since lime could be dangerous for your skin!

5. Borax (sodium borate)

The most used ingredient in domestic problems with ants is sodium borate (Borax). And for good reason. The best way to get rid of ants is to make a solution which acts as a natural insecticide. You can make this out of a mixture of sodium borate and sugar. Then you can place this mixture where you think it is necessary. Watch them ants go out!

6. Garlic

Garlic smell is not one of the ant’s preference; it is very strong and repellent. For this reason, you should scatter some garlic in the places you know that the ants come out of: the corners of your windows, the joints of the tiles, etc.

7. Mint

Mint’s odor destroys the ants because it is very strong. Thus, it is advisable to place the mint in areas where you want to get rid of ants. Also, you can turn to indoor plants. These are recommended in pots and placed at the entrances in the house and in the corners of your windows.

8. Black pepper

The black pepper must be placed on the ants’ paths or in the places where they come out. That way, the smell will drive them away.

9. Cinnamon

The cinnamon really repels the ants. You can put cinnamon sticks on the floor or apply cinnamon oil in the affected areas. The smell will be pleasant for you but not for the ants.

10. Coffee

Just like in the case of cinnamon, it is the smell that drives off the ants. Coffee or ground coffee beans are the best when you are looking for solutions on how to get rid of ants.

Here you have them, the best solutions on how to get rid of ants in house. You should consider them, I really hope you are successful with these. If you liked this article, share it with your friends on Facebook and Pinterest, I am sure they will also find this information to be helpful!

Image Credits: The Happy Housewife

How To Get Rid Of Ants In House - 10 Natural Solutions That Work

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