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How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies – Say Goodbye To Those Bugs

Do you have the kitchen full of fruit flies and you do not know what to do to disappear? Well, find out some useful information about how these insect bugs appear and how to get rid of fruit flies. I can help with the tips below.

What attracts them

Fruit mushrooms, also called vinegar mussels, appear all year long in wet places and with fruit or food that ferments. As soon as they appear, they multiply very quickly and can give you great headaches. So take care to clean the places where these insects might develop, such as the closet, the trash can, and the kitchen cabinet.

Do not leave uncovered food because it acts as a magnet on the mussels. It is equally important to find where they are from and destroy their nest.

Vinegar helps you make them disappear

Against fruit mussels, you can use wine or vinegar. These substances, combined with sugar or dishwashing detergents, come from insect pests. Pour the liquid into a container and cover it with an aluminum foil or cellophane. Bind the foil around the bowl and drill it somewhere with a toothpick or fork.

The flavor of wine or vinegar will attract fruit flies into the trap, and the foil above will prevent them from coming to the surface. Put the container in areas with high humidity and allow it more time to collect the insects.

Find out where they come from

Most of the time, even if your home is clean, it is possible that the muscles will appear through the sewer. Moisture in the basement of the blocks leads to the development of a very large number of copies. To avoid insects getting into the bathroom or in the kitchen, it’s best to pour the bleach into the drain sieve several times a week.

Last but not least, to avoid that fruit mushrooms invade your house, leave ash cigarettes or bad smells on the window sill.

How to get rid of fruit flies by trying one of the proposed methods below.

1. Make a sticky blade palette

Like most people, the first reaction when you see flies throwing over your fruit is to crush them. Unfortunately for us, their small size makes them incredibly difficult to reach. To solve this problem, make a range of “home” flies. Grasp a polystyrene plate and cover it with a thick layer of cooking spray.

2. Burn a little incense

The small muscles of the fruit flies are delicate and require a constant supply of fresh air. This means that irritating odor, such as smoke, can kill them quickly. The smoke and perfume of the incense will successfully contribute to the elimination of muscles.

3. Make traps

Use almost ugly fruit already. Put them in a bowl and cover it with a transparent tip. Throw away from the place a plastic bowl using a toothpick and leave it near the flies. They will be attracted to the smell, but they will not be able to get out.

Sacrifice a little wine. People are not alone attracted to wine. Muscles fly to wine bottles when they smell it. Empty the bottle so that there is only one centimeter of wine at the bottom, and leave it close to where the flies are gathering. They will fly in the bottle, but they will be captive there.

Try the apple vinegar. Pour vinegar into a glass and cover with a paper or a plastic tip at first. Drill from place to place, so there is enough space for the flies to enter but too small to get out.

Use a bottle of juice. You can use any kind of juice, although Coca-Cola works best. Make a hole through the plastic stopper. Empty the bottle of juice so that it stays only 1 cm above the bottom of the bottle. Once the flies have entered, replace the plug!

4. Use a dryer

If you want to take revenge on these annoying little insects, remove the hair dryer and go to work. Turn the dryer so that the fan draws the muscles inside.

Image Credits: Happy Go Lucky Blog
How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies - Say Goodbye To Those Bugs

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