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How to Get Rid of Moths – Grandma’s Secret

On warm summer days, the moths quickly multiply among the winter clothes you crawled in the closets. In a few weeks, they will infiltrate your wardrobe and attack your favorite blouses or gowns. Thus, you need to learn how to get rid of them quickly.

Moths prefer natural fabrics like wool or cotton, but also fur collars or hats. But most of all we prefer the clothes where our smell and sweat have been printed. So, wash your clothes thoroughly before placing them in the cabinets and sending dry coats and thick winter clothing to make sure they are not infested with moth eggs. Whenever you clean the room, aspire and shelves with clothes you wear less or only during the winter. So you will get rid of the moth eggs that can stay three or even four weeks hidden in the clothes before leaving the egg. And, of course, it would be good if you wake up the thick wool and cotton clothes in summer, where the moths are multiplied most easily.

Practical solutions

From our grandmother, we know that the most effective moth poison is naphthalene. But it smells ugly, it is particularly toxic and does not have to reach children. In addition, naphthalene powder discolors fabrics, if it is sprinkled directly on the clothes. Today, naphthalene is no longer recommended unless there are too many moths and you can not get rid of them with less dangerous solutions. Also, insecticides specifically designed against moths are effective, but it is not recommended to use them often, especially in a home with children. Safer and equally effective are aromatic plants with a persistent fragrance that moths can not bear, such as lavender, rosemary, mint or pepper. Put dry leaves of these plants or fresh peppercorns in slim sachets and put them among your clothes. Their combination has an even stronger effect and your cupboards will get a delicate and special fragrance.

Cedar, the best moth antidote

Cedar flavor is the best weapon against moths. Whether you use cedar oil or just dry leaves and leaves, the persistent fragrance of this conifer kills their moths and larvae. Together with cedar leaves, you can use pine and fir needles to get a stronger and more effective flavor.

Clothes coats, safe protection

The delicate silk or wool garments, expensive costumes or dresses should be stored in special plastic or microfibre covers that keep moths away. It is good for the jackets to have a zipper and to close hermetically. You can also store them in tightly closed plastic bags or in vacuum bags. If the moths have already reached a dress or a delicate blouse, put it in a plastic bag in the freezer for a day or two, to die of all adult insects and larvae. Then wash it normally and you’ll also get rid of the moth eggs.

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How to Get Rid of Moths - Grandma's Secret

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