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8 Natural Solutions On How To Get Rid Of Flies

As soon as the warm season comes, flies also appear. They represent a real danger to our health because they transmit many diseases and have the habit of invading our personal space, so you need to know how to get rid of flies. Keep reading!

On the market there are all sorts of solutions to buy, but you can quickly and cheaply remove them through natural solutions. It has certainly happened to you over the course of your life, to have a few moments in which to curse the existence of these unfortunate lifetimes, whether you have broken a nice picnic in the middle of nature or a restful sleep.

What you may not know is that to get rid of a fly, you do not have to measure your strengths with it, but you can use some tricks.

Here are some natural solutions that help you get rid of flies:

1. Put the mint/basil slapped in several corners of the house and you will see how suddenly the flies are made unnoticed.
2. A good idea to drive out the flies is to put lavender scented candles in the room.
3. It seems that flies do not like the smell of cucumber, so if you put some slices of uncooked cucumbers in the house, you will not see them again.
4. The mussels disappear if we put the plates in a dish with a mixture of one cup of milk, one teaspoon of pepper and one sugar.
5. Fingers no longer enter the house if you gently rub the doors and window frames with a wormwood.
6. If you want the flies to stop dirtying your windows when you wash them, put a cup of gas in the water.
7. Flies leave the kitchen if, from time to time, pour a few drops of vinegar on a hot stove.
8. Sprinkle newspapers or toilet paper with bay oil, leaving the windows open. Fingers can not smell and leave.

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