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How To Get Rid of Mold – The Best Anti-Molding Solution

The mold that forms on the walls, on the ceiling and on other surfaces of the house is not only unnecessary but can also be extremely harmful to health. Mold grows especially in unspent areas, where we store a lot of cramped things. Pay attention to periods of high moisture, when it penetrates through the walls, windows, and roof in the house and leads to the appearance of mold. This means you need to learn more about how to get rid of mold so keep reading!

Why and where mold appears in the house

The mold in the home feeds primarily moisture. As long as we do not have hermetically sealed spaces in our home, mold can not appear.

It never forms on clean and dry materials. Humidity can come from the outside, from dripping pipes, from the use of excessive water, from cooking to high temperatures or from laundry to dry in enclosed spaces.

Mold can cause illness for occupants of the house

The mold emits a dark, moist, extremely strong odor that hinders breathing. The first sign that the mold is present in our house is the gentle smell that can come from places where we do not air or do not walk daily.

That’s why we have to always look in the house if we do not have mold in the closet, in enclosed closets or in other spaces where the air does not easily penetrate.

The most important aspect in this chapter is our health. The mold must be removed immediately, as it can multiply and release harmful substances into the air. Adverse reactions, chronic cough, asthma or other respiratory conditions may occur, especially in pregnant women and children, in old people, in people with low immunity, or in those who already have respiratory problems.

How to remove the mold correctly

The first thing we need to do is use a clean, dry cloth, a little detergent or sodium bicarbonate. Under no circumstances should we rub the wall with mold with a damp cloth or directly with chlorine. The surface affected by the mold must be dried and then treated with a special solution. If after this simple removal of mold it reappears, it is a sign that the mold has entered much deeper into the structure of the material.

Preventive measures

To eliminate all the risks of molding in the house, it is essential to throw away all the objects we do not use and let the house be better ventilated. Things already touched by mold must be washed or discarded. We do not have any wet or wet objects in the house.

The house should be aspirated more often and the humidity should be maintained at an optimum level. Check the pipes, ventilation openings, and enclosed spaces regularly.

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How To Get Rid of Mold - The Best Anti-Molding Solution

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