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How To Get Rid Of Crickets From The House

Even if we like to think about relaxing when we hear a few crickets singing, but if the sound is heard inside our house it becomes another reason for us to be stressed. Thus, we need to learn how to get rid of crickets.

The crickets are easy to recognize after long antennas (at least as long in the body) and large legs (their size is why they can make impressive jumps).

There is only one generation of crickets per year and rarely reproduce inside our homes. However, they are not very pleasant guests.

The “chop” of the crickets is produced by the wings of the males. Even though we do not realize there are 3 types of songs: the song produced to interact with the females, to impress a female or to communicate with other crickets that should keep the distance.

These are found all over the world. Because there are over 900 species, they can survive in all sorts of habitats: from forests, meadows, and caves to the underground. Most crickets are in the wild. When they lose their habitat, they usually disappear with it. That is why many species are extinct.

What are the crickets eating?

Depending on the type of cricket, they feed on different things.

Field crickets (with rounded wings and dark colors – almost black brown) feed on cotton, silk, and other textiles, but also with dirty or sweaty materials. These are a problem for factories if they are large.

Camel crickets feed on vegetal remains. Unlike those in the field, they do not have wings and are not attracted to the light.

House crickets feed on plants, dead or weak insects, young crickets, and fabrics. They are very attracted to the sun and we find them most often next to the garbage cans. They are easily distinguishable by their yellow-brown color and the three dark streaks on the back of their head.

How long does a cricket live?

The first stage with which the cricket meets is the egg. The female deposits around 50-100 eggs in the ground during the spring. During this period (about two weeks) crickets are very vulnerable because they are not protected by any substance and have no defense.

Later, it turns into a nymph: it lasts up to 2 weeks. Nymphs are a combination of eggs and adults: they are the same size as eggs, but the appearance is similar to that of adults. However, nymphs do not yet gain their wings.

Adult crickets generally live between 2 and 3 months and their main purpose is to reproduce and feed.

The cricket lifespan is about one year or longer.

How to get rid of crickets?

In the fight against pests, prevention is the most important step. The crickets are attracted to garbage, humidity, and strong lights. To make sure they do not get into the house make sure all the cracks are covered, mosquito nets are installed on the windows and doors and that the moisture in your home does not exceed the normal limits. Also, take care that your garbage is not discovered or scattered.

If your pet is a cat, then you can be safe: cats, spiders, and lizards are natural predators of crickets.

The first step in getting rid of crickets is their location. That’s why you need a quiet house where only their song is heard. Most of the time, they hide under furniture, in home appliances or in cabinets.

As in any pest struggle, it is very important to get rid of the eggs they put. In order to escape the cricket eggs, special insecticides can be used, or the infested area can be sucked in and then disinfected. If you have decided to suck the eggs, the contents of the vacuum cleaner bag should be placed in a sealed bag and thrown outdoors.

One of the ways you can get rid of crickets is trapping. Even if there are baits or adhesive traps, they are effective when placed near a source of heat or moisture or in hard-to-reach places. Adhesive traps are not a danger to children or pets.

Insecticides for cockroaches are a simple and effective option (they can be special for crickets or a wide range of action). It should be sprayed on the corners, cracks, windows and other places through which the crickets could enter.

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How To Get Rid Of Crickets From The House

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