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7 Solutions On How To Get Rid Of Smoke Smell

Even for the most affectionate smokers, the smell of a cigarette that stays in the room where it has been smoked intensely or in the car after a longer journey is impossible. Here are some tricks on how to get rid of smoke smell.

What to say to the poor, for whom such a flavor is not only hard to bear but also possible to cause headaches or throat irritation! Or teenagers who do not want to know that they smoked to them in the living room while their parents were on vacation?

There are a number of products that should fight the smell of cigarettes – especially if we take on the pompous anti-tobacco labels. In reality, however, they do not solve much.

More meticulous action and effort are needed, but the results will be appreciable.

Also, wash with detergent

If it’s home, it’s a little easier. It’s an infallible method – but hard to put into practice.

Cigarette smoke remains in curtains, drapes, carpets, bed linen, tapestries, tablecloths, etc.

The first thing you have to do to get rid of the smell is to wash all these textiles.

This is not going to be a very easy task, especially in terms of car upholstery, although there are some sprays with cleaning foam that do their job quite well. But the results will be more than satisfactory.

Clean with the vacuum cleaner through all the corners

The solid microparticles of the cigarette smoke can be removed, at least partially, by aspiration. The carpets, sofa, chairs and seats in the car can be sucked. Do not forget the carpets of the car.

Vinegar absorbs odors

 A bowl of wine vinegar or synthetic vinegar, left overnight in the smoking room, will absorb the smell of tobacco surprisingly well. If an open window is left in the morning, it almost will not smell in the morning.

The coffee bar scented

It sounds weird, but it seems to be fruitful. It should not be scattered like bicarbonate but it should be placed in well-bonded paper filters, and these should be placed where the smell is stronger.

Use a charcoal bowl

It will not be very aesthetic to keep a bowl or a charcoal tray in the house, but it has great effects in absorbing and neutralizing the odors. For example, for the holiday home or home country: you have to leave quickly and you do not have time to vent. Put the coals on the floor when you leave and the smell will disappear.

Citrics and bicarbonate refresh the air

Lemons and oranges. A fairly successful variant is also based on lemon, orange or grapefruit peels, placed in the room and left until it is completely dehydrated. He will not do miracles, but it will feel the effect.

Sodium bicarbonate. Good for so many things, this white powder is also used to remove unpleasant odors.

It must be sprinkled on areas that smell bad, left for a few hours to absorb chemical compounds with unpleasant flavors and then removed with the vacuum cleaner.

But be careful to test before putting bicarbonate on the fabrics, because some fabrics can lose their color due to bicarbonate.

Wash the car windows with vinegar

First of all, it is advisable to ventilate the machine as far as possible. Ashtrays should be washed as often as water and soap, rinsed with vinegar, and a soft cloth or water should be stored on the bottom to prevent ash spreading in the air.

To reduce the smell of a cigarette in the car, place a vinegar container on the floor near the front seats, close the windows and open the fan with the maximum heating system for half an hour.

Vinegar can be replaced with sliced apple slices until dark, with coffee grounds, lemon peel or sodium bicarbonate. The operation should be repeated for greater efficiency.

The interior windows must be washed with a solution of vinegar and water, carpet, and suites, and the air filters changed as often as possible.

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