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How To Get Rid Of Centipedes And Keep A Healthy Environment

All centipede species apparently have hundreds of feet (while they are between 17 and 55 pairs) and appear during the summer. Usually, we find them in the gardens or outside of the house, but there are cases when they break through cracks or openings and sewers inside the house. So, we need to learn more about how to get rid of centipedes. Keep reading!

Inside the home, they often appear in small numbers and can be easily eliminated with insecticides. Even if myriapods are harmless to people, they are very unpleasant because of their strong smell. In addition, there are species that secrete toxic substances that irritate human skin, and some bigger centipedes can bite it.

Most often, myriapods can be found in forests or in wet, dark and receded areas. They help to decompose vegetal debris.

Some centipedes species have a venom gland that they use to paralyze. Most of them have the body of the head and trunk, and the trunk consists of several segments.

The members of the first segment are very short and have the role of anchoring and annihilation of the limbs.

Diet and behavior

The life expectancy of centipedes is from 1 to 6 years. In winter, myriapods hide in damp and dark areas, and during summer they come to the surface and can be found around the baths, closets, and places with high humidity. Centipedes are nocturnal insects that do not travel during the day.

In the case of carnivorous species, they detect their food using antennas, and the prey is immobilized by venom. They feed on soft-bodied insects such as spiders, worms, and other arthropods.

Centipedes are divided into four classes: Chilopoda, Diplopoda, Pauropoda and Symphyla. These classes also have different characteristics, such as chilopods are very fast predators, those in the diplopods class are slower and feed only with degrading vegetation.

Combating and Prevention – How To Get Rid Of Centipedes

Most of the time, in the case of a centipedes infestation no damage can be observed, but the constant encounter with these insects is extremely unpleasant.

The pain of a centipedes bite may take up to a few days, and the bitter may show nausea and sweating, but also swelling of the lymph nodes.

It is recommended that you DO NOT TOUCH centipedes to reduce your chances of being bitten.

Centipedes in the house fail to survive long. So the majority you will meet or are dead, or they will soon die. That is why prevention inside is useless.

However, a good insulation of the house is recommended and the closing of cracks, holes, and open-end to stop access to pests.

In the garden, you need to identify and keep under control all the areas that preserve moisture and remove the vegetation remains or wood that has entered into rotting.

Centipedes can be removed with chemicals or some natural methods. If the invasion is of major importance, we recommend that you call a specialist.

If you opt for a natural method, we recommend using ash in wet places to discourage centipedes from laying eggs.

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How To Get Rid Of Centipedes And Keep A Healthy Environment

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