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How To Get Rid Of Gnats And Prevent Their Bites

Summer is the perfect season for enjoying everything that nature offers – clear skies, plenty of sunshine, fresh air, time spent on the beach, terraces or picnics. But all of this comes with small insects: gnats. Thus, you need to learn how to get rid of gnats.

Before you get started, there are some observations you need to know to make sure the treatment results are optimal. Preventing or reducing infestation: In order to reduce or prevent the risk of infestation without chemical treatment, the source of multiplication of gnats, ie the elimination of water status zones (uncovered wells, wells, ponds, water status in various forms), must be found and stopped.

We recommend cleaning the area on as large a surface as possible, eliminating as much as possible shade and moisture vegetation or other objects that could encourage the multiplication of gnats:
Once you have finished preparing the treatment area you can start the job. You should check the weather forecast and, as far as possible, 3-4 days afterward, do not rain. In this way, the chances of getting an optimal result increase.

To mitigate these at least unpleasant gnats effects, we can use some simple and very cheap tricks:

200 ml of hot water, 100 g of brown or white sugar, 1 g of beer yeast and a recyclable pet. This is the miracle recipe to get rid of the gnats in the house!

Cut the glass halfway, and at the bottom put all the ingredients. Remove the lid and place the top of the glass with your neck down.

The two sides then stick together with an adhesive tape. The secret is that gnats will be attracted to the sweetness of the mixture, and the carbon dioxide emitted from this mixture will be fatal.

Essential oil of citrus eucalyptus

An essential plant oil, especially citrus eucalyptus, is as effective for preventing gnats bites as products with low DEET concentrations (6%). This oil provides up to 2 hours of gnats protection, can be used as an ingredient for a spray or to soothe irritated skin after stinging. It is not used in children less than 3 years of age.

Essential oil of citronella

Several anti-gnats products already contain this ingredient, most of them have a proportion of 10% and offer a medium level of protection. But researchers at the University of Florida say this protection lasts for a maximum of 20 minutes, according to tests conducted in studies.

Essential Clay Oil (Mother Grass)

This substance is extracted from the cataract plant and offers 7 hours of protection against gnats, is already used in commercial anti-gnats solutions.

Other natural methods to get rid of gnats

Other natural ingredients are currently undergoing extensive studies to see their effect on gnats. Some of these include fennel, thyme, clover oil, celery extract, neem oil. However, more tests are needed to demonstrate their effectiveness.

Contrary to popular tradition, the American Academy of Pediatrics claims that high consumption of garlic and vitamin B1 has no effect on gnats and provides no protection against these insects.

There are some steps to protect us from gnats, except for the use of repellents.

Especially in areas where there are many insects, it is good to cover our long sleeves, long pants, socks, matching shoes and a hat. It can be difficult to apply these rules when it’s hot out, but if you do not want to use chemical or natural chemicals to protect yourself from the sting, it’s the only preventative method.

If you’re on a terrace, pick those that have a fan. The air is on the move, and gnats will find it hard to get hit. They also multiply near water “status”, so try to remove these sources from the garden or balcony. For the gnats to disappear, so must all the buckets and all the water containers that are forgotten in them. You can put the net on the window so that the insects do not reach the house and you can put plants like lavender, lemon grass, verbena, mint, rosemary and other aromatic herbs in the pot.

Gnats are the most active in the evening, after the sun sets, but also early in the morning before the sun rises. Of course, we can be stingy during the day, but there are usually fewer insects in the hot air. Try to plan your outdoor activities with this information.

How we choose gnats solutions

We have to consider a few things when choosing how we protect ourselves from stings: how much time we spend outside, how the respectively populated the area is, and what is the risk of contracting diseases due to stings.

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How To Get Rid Of Gnats And Prevent Their Bites

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