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How To Get Rid Of Rats Permanently

Although it may seem an unrealistic problem for the century, rats can give us real beatings, especially if we live somewhere outside the city in an area that is now developing, and there are still crops in the surroundings. So, to learn how to get rid of rats, we have prepared a detailed list of steps you have to follow. In addition to causing consistent damage, rats are disease-bearing, which also means an insecure environment for us and our family.

1. The first thing you need to do when you detect the presence of rats in your home or around your home is to carefully check each corner of the house, both inside and out, as well as above (rats can also go vertically). What do you need to be careful about? At holes that would be a way of accessing them inside. Remember! Rats do not need too much space to infiltrate in a home, they are a few centimeters, or even less to wake up with uninvited guests in the house. So make sure that you have detected all the holes and that you have properly closed them. Also, try to create a hostile environment for rats and around the house.

Detect holes with cauldron or polyurethane foam. Also, do not forget the ventilation holes, the area under the eaves and even the pipes that provide the water supply or evacuation. At the same time, the entrance and the garage door must be lined up with an additional gasket, with the bristles though, so the access of the rats is very difficult.

2. Consider buying some traps to capture the live rats, so you do not have to poison them. A traditional way, which also does not involve rodent injury, is a harmless trap for young people, is by placing a bowl with a mouth down on a support in the form of a vegetable cutter. The way you can catch the mouse inside is to put the bowl on a walnut, and inside it to put a piece of bacon. Attracted by the smell of bacon, the mouse pushes the nut while remaining captive under the bowl.

3. Be careful of your garden, how big are the grass in the yard, the bushes of flowers and shrubs, and the trees. These are the best places where rats can hide before entering your home. Thus, a properly maintained lawn, trimmed every week, the removal of shrubs and trees could keep the rats away. He also tries around the house to pour a generous concrete alley. That intimidated the rats to keep them away from your home.

At the same time, if the heating of your home is made of wood and you are used to storing it next to the house, you should know that it could become the favorite hiding place of the rats. So if you do not want them in the house try to move the wood as far away from the house.

4. If you know that the area where the house is built is an area where the presence of rats is common, try as much as possible to keep the kitchen as clean as possible. Residues are a specialty for small rodents, which will encourage them to establish their own home-based home. Foods store them in plastic boxes to block their access to rats, especially if we are talking about fresh cereals or vegetables.

5. Another option that will help you get rid of small pests would be to have a company specialized in exterminating them or, if you are sure you will not have consciousness after, by placing products purchased from the veterinary pharmacy (wheat, etc.)

6. Finally, if you’ve managed to get rid of rats, it’s time for a general cleanup. Be careful to be adequately equipped with gloves and mask, as I was saying above, the rats are carrying many diseases and you will not want to get any affection from this stage.

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How To Get Rid Of Rats Permanently

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