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How To Get Rid Of Fleas – Simple And Natural Methods

Do you have cats or puppies at home and have you failed to get rid of fleas? Even if, apparently, it does not seem like a serious problem, well, things are not exactly that. The fleas are quite dangerous insects that multiply quickly enough to reach people very easily. How to get rid of fleas?

Here are some simple methods to help you in this flea elimination process:

1. Use mint

Turn a handful of fresh mint into a mortar until the juice leaves the leaves. Then put the paste in a gauze and cling it to the room where the fleas are. But make sure this gauze is not within the reach of the animals. Also, another method that can get rid of flea animals is to pour 1-3 drops of peppermint oil on their collar. You must take great care, however, that the mint oil does not touch the animal’s skin. And if you notice he has signs of allergy, take out his collar.

Another method is to put dried leaves in paper bags, then let them down on the floor to act.

2. Use dishwashing detergent

How do you need to proceed? You need dishwashing detergent, a bowl, small candle candles and hot water.

What to do: At night, put on the floor a bowl filled half with water in which adds detergent to the dish in a significant amount. Then put a candle in the center of the bowl, because the fleas will come to light. When they jump, they’ll fall into the water with detergent and you’ll get rid of them.

3. Besides, if you want to get rid of fleas, use an insecticide that you can even prepare yourself at home from baking powder and salt, which you must press on the carpet. Perhaps it seems a good combination for a culinary recipe, but we make sure it works, as the resulting powder will dehydrate the insects by killing them. Let the remedy act for two days, then use the vacuum cleaner to get rid of both the dust and the dead parasites.

4. Eucalyptus is a plant the house fleas do not like. So if you use a few drops of oil from the leaves of this tree to sprinkle the darker and more humid places where the insects usually feed, you’ll have extra insurance to get rid of them.

5. Last but not least, classical naphthalene is another answer to the question “How to get rid of fleas?” as long as you keep your pet and children away from the rooms where you use it, you can sprinkle it even at the corners of the room, so that after a few days you can brush your carpets thoroughly.

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How To Get Rid Of Fleas - Simple And Natural Methods

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