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How To Get Rid Of Mice In The House In A Natural Way

Sooner or later, the mice will appear in our homes, especially if we live in the yard, leaving behind them feces, urine, and hair, which leads to the appearance of various health problems. They also reproduce very quickly and this problem needs to be resolved as quickly as possible. So, learn with this article how to get rid of mice!

What mice hate the most is cleanness. This is why a first step is to keep the food storage compartments and containers where they are stored as clean as possible.

Without shelter and adequate food for the mice they can not survive, so if you eliminate these two factors, much easier a possible invasion of the mice. Inside, it is best to keep the areas under cookers, refrigerators cleaner, on surfaces where there is usually food such as meals.

Do not leave water in an uncontrolled container overnight, keep food used for animals such as dogs, cats or birds in sealed containers. Outside the house, if you are using firewood, it is best to store them as much as possible from the house and preferably at a height of 50cm from the ground.
Grass or grass must be cut regularly to a height where the soil can be seen. Any kind of debris or abandoned equipment must be relocated because they can make an ideal shelter for mice.

There are many methods involving chemicals and poisons but they can produce more harm than good.

How to get rid of mice in a natural and safe way?

They can be found anywhere, and if you notice a particularly dirty spot, they’re definitely there. First of all cover all the holes and big cracks in the house, you will catch the mice inside.

Avoid poison baits because you certainly do not want a dead mouse in your home. Traps are very good, they can be found in any store in different sizes.

Identify the problem

A first step is to find fecal traces for identifying the type of rodents in the house. The mice produce small bolsters with a size of 0.5 cm and sharp heads, bobbed rats with a size of 1.5 cm and a more irregular shape. Fresh, one-day-old ones are black in color and have a soft texture, and the 3-day old ones lose their intense black color and become more solid. Depending on the number of excrements, the number of mice can also be approximated.

An important feature of housewives is that they are always looking for the same way until the source is exhausted. Finding this path is very important for trapping or other solutions. Rodgers form a linear path along walls, beams, tree branches, electrical cables, piping. The difference between mice and rats is that rats go much longer to find food, the mice being more comfortable and looking just near the nest. To identify these roads, the best indicators are traces of feces or traces of dirt that may appear along the wall or any landmark the rat has on its way to the source of food. This mess occurs for example due to friction between the rat and the wall.

Method 1

Alcoholic beverages. These are not for human health but are perfect against mice. Leave some alcohol in a bowl and place it near the area where you think the mice are. In the morning you will be surprised what you will find next to the ship.

Method 2

Take a spoon of salt, dry gypsum and flour. Put it near the problem area with water. They will feed on the solid mixture and immediately they will thirst and drink water. The contents will harden immediately in their stomach.

Method 3

Instead of salt and flour, put chocolate. Ginkgo and chocolate powder mix them and place them where you need them. There will be no more mice around.

Method 4

If you want to scare them all, you should buy a cat or a dog. He will hunt them for you.

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How To Get Rid Of Mice In The House In A Natural Way

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