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The Best Method to Clean Grease Splatters From the Stove Top

Everything around the stove might get pretty rough after cooking for a big family. All the areas near the stove and range hood are covered in a greasy layer of accumulated oil splatters. But not to worry! It won’t be a huge hassle because I have found the best method to clean oil splatters in your kitchen.

Whether it’s due to several days of intensive cooking, or just because you haven’t cleaned your kitchen for a while, the oil-splattered areas are there. And cleaning that grimy layer is much easier than you’d think! All you need is a little bit more oil.

It doesn’t make any sense, does it? Well, trust me, it totally works! Using a little chemistry trick, you will no longer see those oily splatters in your kitchen! Especially since it is an easy, gentle, and chemical-free process.

Let’s get to it. Here are the things you will need:

– Mineral oil or vegetable oil
– A clean cloth or several paper towels

Why is mineral oil a good choice? Well, this oil is perfect because it doesn’t get rancid like standard cooking oils do. However, if you cannot find mineral oil, you could also use a standard cooking oil for this task, but it could go rancid over time. Just use your best judgment and decide what’s best according to your gravity of the situation!

Now, check out these super easy instructions:

1. Drop around 3-4 drops of mineral oil on a clean cloth or paper towel.

2. Carefully, start wiping the oily mess and watch the gunk vanishing instantly!

3. When you’re done with the cleaning, use another clean cloth or paper towel and buff the surface lightly so that only a very thin layer of the cleaning oil remains. That’s it!

That extra oil layer will make your future mess much easier to clean, and it leaves kitchen appliances nice and shiny! I hope this handy tip will help you make your kitchen cleaning a little more manageable!

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