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How to Clean Baseboards Safely & Naturally

There are many methods to clean baseboards. However, most of the time, they aren’t quite accurate, ending up making more mess. Baseboards are small areas in your house so cleaning them requires from you to be extra careful. Thus, how do we clean them efficiently? Keep reading and see the answer, it is simpler than you thought. And most probably, you already have the supplies.

Thus, to clean baseboards we need to gather the supplies first:

– Mini-Brush
– A spray bottle with water
– Sponge
– Cotton swabs
– Dryer sheets

And, the 2-key ingredients you need are Lemon and Vinegar. That’s right, this is the best combination for cleaning baseboards. And you will better understand why in the steps down below:

1. The first step would be brushing away any dirt from your baseboards. Thus, using a mini-brush, eliminate the dust from that area. It will make the rest of the process go smoother.

2. The next step would be dumping the area with that spray bottle. But first, let’s prepare our solution. Mix 2 tbs of lemon juice and 2 tbs of vinegar in that spray bottle with water. Shake well and then spray down small amount all over your baseboard. Make sure to not soak them, you only need to let the mixture spread and react with dirt.

3. Then, using a sponge, go over the wet area and scrub gently. This is how you will wipe away any scuff marks and you will clean the baseboards.

4. If you find that you need to scrub more than you thought, rinse the sponge and then soak it a little with that mixture. After this, you can scrub again to eliminate everything that was left.

5. Now, all you have left are those hard to reach corners. You can’t clean them with the sponge, so use some cotton swabs you previously soaked in the cleaning mixture! If you find cotton swabs too difficult to work with, try using an old toothbrush. You need to clean everything in those crevices.

6. Now, the final step is an optional one. I personally like it because it helps keeping the baseboards clean for a longer time. Thus, after you let the area dry completely, use a dryer sheet along the entire baseboard. This will repel any dirt and it will coat the surface so that dust, pet hair, and other things just fall right off.

That’s it. 6 incredible steps that will help you keep your baseboard clean. Amazing, am I right? Try it out right away and see the results, you will not be disappointed!

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