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Step-By-Step Instructions To Clean Your Dryer Vent

No one ever thought they need to clean out the dryer vent. I mean, we all usually just clean the lint off of the trap when we put clothes in the dryer. But, there’s more to it than that.

The dryer was really malfunctioning over time so I wondered what that problem was. Imagine my surprise, it was only the fact that the dry vent was clogged. That’s right, there was so much lint from using the dryer over the years. Since I didn’t want to buy a new one, I knew I needed to clean dryer vent right away.

Let’s see how we can clean the dryer vent efficiently!

1. Clean off the lint trap.

2. Vacuum around the lint trap and vent.

3. Take the lint trap vent brush. You have to insert the brush into the lint trap vent as far as you can.

4. Then, twist the handle of the brush. This will slowly be removing it to trap the lint. Repeat this if you have much lint on the brush.

5. After this, use the vacuum hose attachment to get in deeper. You should also repeat this step more times to make sure you have taken out all the lint.

6. Carefully feed the vacuum hose attachment into the trap. Now you should turn on the vacuum. Don’t be scared to hear it clog. All you need to do is remove it, then pull the clog out and then repeat.

7. Then, you can move on to the dryer vent duct behind. Using a large dryer vent duct brush, clean out the duct. You can do this by pulling it out and removing the lint. Repeat this step again, as long as you think it is necessary.

That’s it. That’s how you clean your dryer vent like a real professional. These steps are really straightforward so all you need is patience and some elbow grease. Be vigorous and your dryer vent will be like new in no time!

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