Homemade Dusting Solutions To Clean And Disinfect Furniture And Wooden Flooring

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If you among those persons who want to give up chemicals-filled cleaning solutions, then you should definitely try the following cleaning recipes that will keep dust away for long. Chemicals are very dangerous for our health, and we can reduce that by preparing our own cleaning solutions. Besides being cheap they are extremely effective, leaving an extraordinary fragrance after using them.

Furniture Cleaning Solution:

Keep dust away with the help of this easy-to-prepare dusting spray

You need:
– half a cup of white vinegar
– a teaspoon of olive oil

Add the ingredients in a spray bottle and shake well before each use. Spray the solution on the dusting cloth, and then wipe the furniture with it. That was all the “hard-work”!

Floor Cleaning Solution:
Clean and disinfect the flooring using this 100 % natural cleaning solution.

You need:
– a quarter cup of white vinegar
– 3L of warm water
– 2-4 drops of eucalyptus oil

Add all the ingredients in the cleaning bucket and mix well. Wash the flooring normally. Eucalyptus will not only leave behind a pleasant flavor, but it will also give a particular shiny to your wooden flooring.

Image Credits: Livingwellspendingless

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