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How To Clean And Disinfect The Fridge Correctly And Naturally

Cleaning the refrigerator is an essential thing for the health of the entire family. It’s a hygienic task that will keep bacteria away. The fridge is the perfect place where bacteria can develop, so, be careful to clean it every week, and every 2 weeks to disinfect it completely! And if you keep away from chemicals and dish detergents, then you can try the following natural antiseptic to clean and disinfect the fridge!

You need:

– the juice from 1 lemon
– baking soda
– essential lemon oil

To avoid turning the refrigerator into a nest of microbes, pour the lemon juice onto a clean sponge soaked in warm water, and wipe the interior of the fridge with it!

This solution will clean and disinfect instantly the fridge!

Another option is to replace lemon juice with essential lemon oil. It has the same effects and it’s enough if you pour a few drops on the warm sponge.

For a quicker effect, you can combine the juice or lemon oil with baking soda. This solution will quickly and reliably get you rid of fridge bacteria, and in addition, your refrigerator will shine.

Tip! If you want to get rid of any unpleasant fridge smells, place half a lemon on the fridge door. Change it when you see it starts to get dry.

Image Credits: Goodhousekeeping

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