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How To Easily Remove Sharpie Traces From Everything

Hmm, those little and adorable kids of yours, just discover their drawing talent and you found this out from those marker traces on your furniture? Don’t get annoyed, because I have the saving solution in getting rid of those Sharpie traces from your furniture or from other object in your house.

Tapestry, as well as other materials, can be cleaned with alcohol, window cleaning solutions, or acetone. But beware! Acetone can only be used for white fabrics because it may change the color!

How to proceed?
Soak ear sticks in one of the above solutions and rub well the stained area. Avoid spraying alcohol or other solution directly on the stain, because you will only spread the stain instead of getting rid of it!

The marker on wooden or parquet furniture can be removed with the help of toothpaste or rubbing alcohol. Apply a small quantity on a clean cloth and wipe the spot. It is advisable to test this technique on a very small surface to ensure that the wood or the paint won’t be ruined!

Glass coffee tables or mirrors can be cleaned very easily by marker traces using rubbing alcohol. Another useful technique is to clean them with toothpaste mixed with some baking powder, and then wipe everything with a cloth.

Image Credits: Wikihow

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