Momma’s Great Idea Of Cleaning The Microwave Effortlessly

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The microwave can get dirty quickly because some foods, once heated, start sizzling and grease stains get all over the oven walls. Once hardened, these stains can be difficult to clean. Here’s how easy it is to prepare and how easy it is to clean.

You can clean them quickly with a simple solution, which you can prepare at home from natural ingredients. In addition, this solution also helps eliminate bad odors from the microwave.

You need:

– vinegar
– water
– 1 drop of essential oil (I recommend the lemon fragrance)

In a bowl, add 1-2 tablespoons of vinegar and 1 drop of essential oil (choose any flavor you want). Then add 2 cups of water and add the bowl in the oven. Turn the microwave at high temperature and let the water boil for 5 minutes. Don’t open the microwave immediately, just let it for a minute or two, so the steam to stay on its walls.
Remove carefully the bowl and glass plate, and then clean the oven walls with a clean cloth.

Image Credits: Practicallyfunctional

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