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Step-By-Step Instructions To Clean And Remove Any Stain From Leather Upholstery

The leather furniture is beautiful and elegant, but it’s not very easy to maintain it in a good shape over time. It stains easily such as textile upholstery, but it involves special cleaning techniques.
Here are some handy solutions to clean and maintain leather upholstery.

Dust it often
Armchairs, sofas, stools! All look great when they are leather upholstered. But the great sin of this material is that it attracts dust as a magnet. And leather is not a material that can handle any chemical cleaning solution. As a result, weekly, when doing the cleaning, soak a cloth in distilled water and wipe with it the entire surface of the piece of leather furniture to remove dust and traces of sweat. Insist on the joining points of the material.

Get rid of stains
Stains are the ones that will give you headaches.

Pay great attention! Some solutions that you find in markets are aggressive and will dry the material, and cracks will appear that will destroy the sofa. That’s’ why you should prepare your own leather cleaning solution to get rid of stains.

You need:
– 100 milliliters of vinegar
– 100 milliliters of olive oil
– 10 drops of essential orange oil

Put all the above ingredients in a bowl, and then soak the paper towels in this solution, and clean with it the whole piece of furniture. Vinegar quickly cleans dirt, while olive oil acts as a conditioner for this material.

Eliminate dirt immediately
Even if you use natural remedies or not, you should act immediately when the leather upholstery is stained or dirt!
Children often stain the furniture with marker or other drawing pencils. But if you act immediately, your leather sofa will regain its original aspect. Remove traces with some rubbing alcohol or cleansing milk. It will do wonders with your leather upholstery.

Chewing gum glued on your leather sofa won’t be removed with any sharp object. Just put some ice cubes in a paper towel, and rub with them the strained place.

Image Credits: Mauritiusmuseums and Mom4real

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