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Mint Oil And Boric Acid To Keep The Mouse House Out Of Your House

Many people face with fear of house mice, and yet there are times when we have to face with these small, but frightening creatures. It’s well known that they aren’t harmful, but they are pretty disgusting.
How to know if this little rodent is in your house and what you should do to get rid of it quickly, without harming it.

Most often, these rodents are fled to the house during the cold season, so you should make a thorough check to every corner of the house to see of you find something that incriminates its presence. The mice leave plenty of evidence of their presence: chewed wires, chewed paper, excrement, and a bad smell. In addition, when it’s quiet, you might hear them!

Get rid of mice with mint oil

You must know that mice can’t stand the mint smell, so you can soak a cotton ball in mint oil, and place it where you suspect the presence of this little rodent, or where he gets out grabbing food. When they detect the smell, the mice will run faster than Forest Gump!

Boric acid to get rid of mice

You can also prepare a paste made of a spoonful of boric acid, half a cup of flour and a little water (enough to get a thick paste). Make some balls with this paste, and place these balls in the places where you’ve seen mice.

CAREFUL! If you have children or pets, it is not advisable to use this method, as boric acid is poisonous.

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