When Creativity Has No Boundaries Learn To Remove Pencil Marks From Walls Using Toothpaste And Vinegar

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If your little artists have left signs of their creativity all over the wall, don’t panic, thinking that you might have to redecorate. There are several methods to get rid of “their creativity” from your walls, without repainting your walls.

Here’s how to clean the pencil tracks on the walls by using a couple of pretty handy tricks.

First, I recommend trying the simplest method ever! Use a rubber and try to remove those pencil marks. Don’t press too hard just try to erase the marks easy and carefully, not to remove the paint from the walls.

Tip: the rubber should be on a light shade, white for example.

Another option is to take a clean and damp cloth and soak it in baking soda. Then, rub gently the pencil traces from walls, because they should be removed easily.

But, if the first 2 option aren’t a success, because artists use some high quality pencils, then you should probably try the following method, because it won’t fail.

Toothpaste, mayonnaise and white vinegar – available resources

Sometimes solutions can be found where you expect less, like in the refrigerator. Take the mayonnaise jar, put on some gloves, and start spreading the mayo over the pencil traces from the wall. Let it act for a few minutes, and then wipe the mayo with a damp cloth.

Or…mix toothpaste with white vinegar and rub gently the drawn surface. This solution helped me to remove the pencil traces.

Although, shaving foam turn in being very effective when it comes to remove pencil traces from walls. Just take your husband’s shaving foam and spread it over the pencil traces, and then remove it with a clean and dry cloth.

If the pencils used by your kids contain wax, then you should probably use the hair dryer to remove the traces, and then apply the toothpaste and vinegar remedy.

Image Credits: Guce.oath

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