How To Clean And Disinfect Wood Choppers Using Salt And Lemon Juice

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There is no kitchen without a wood chopper and this cooking tool is very used in the kitchen. Another good option to replace the wood chopper is to use the stone chopper, but it has some big disadvantages, such as ruining your knives, and being very heavy.

Using wood chopper is very hygienic and very easy to clean, because wood don’t let bacteria to develop such as plastic ones. Bacteria can get into the knife trail, but the wood won’t let them multiply and die.

How to clean wood choppers?

You need:

– salt
– lemon juice

Wood choppers are cleaned and disinfect easily with salt and lemon juice. Rub well the wood chopper with half a lemon, until the lemon juice is embedded in the wood, and then sprinkle salt over it. Let it act for 30 minutes, and then wash well the wood chopper with plenty of water and let it dry.

Image Credits: Thekitchn

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