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How To Remove Completely And Prevent The Appearance Of Bathroom Mold

Bathroom mold is a general problem, it can occur in all houses, no matter how clean and disinfected they are, because the appearance of mold in the bathroom is given by the perfect environmental conditions: moisture and less-ventilated areas.

Bathroom molding is not only unhealthy, but it can also be very dangerous for health because mold is actually a mushroom whose spores can reach the lungs or may favor the appearance of diseases.

Use baking soda to get rid of bathroom mold

Baking soda is one of the solutions that can remove mold from the bathroom. Mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda and one scoop of dishwashing detergent. Dilute the mixture with one liter of water and place the solution in a spray bottle. Spray in areas affected by mold, let it act for 6-12 hours, and then wipe with a cloth soaked in warm water.

To prevent the appearance of mold, mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda in half a liter of water and spray the solution on areas where mold appears. Don’t wipe the area and repeat the procedure every 2 days.
In this solution you can add a few drops of essential citrus oil, rosemary or mint flavor.

Use vinegar to get rid of bathroom mold

White vinegar is excellent for removing stains and cleaning areas where mold appears. Spray water with vinegar (in equal proportions) or just spray white vinegar if you can stand its smell, and let it act for 1 hour. Ventilate the bathroom thoroughly so that the mold spores won’t stick to other areas, and change the towels in the bathroom as a safety measure.

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