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Chemical And Non-Chemical Ways To Get Rid Of Moths

Moths, along with other disgusting creatures that invade our house, are pretty much disgusting and very hard to get rid of! Although, you should know that moths are divided in 2 categories: the ones that attack clothes (wool in particularly) and those that go around through our food.

Most times they are brought into the house with dry food or contaminated clothing items. That’s why it’s a good idea to inspect all the areas in the room where you keep things stored, such as drawers, dressing, and so on. However, it’s advisable to avoid having rice left in the cupboards, nut or cereal boxes stored in the kitchen.

Get rid of moths with pheromone traps
A variety of moth traps have appeared in recent years. Place them abundantly in the infested areas and watch the moths come to the sticky cemetery. While most moths yield to these traps, there are some moth species that react to specific pheromones. If you know exactly the type of moth attacking your home, you could place traps dedicated to it. However, there are some specific pheromone traps, those on which is written “for apartment moths” or “for textile moths” that are especially designed with pheromones for each moth category.

Use natural moth traps
Traditional moth traps containing naphthalene or paradiclorobenzene are toxic to both moths and humans. Instead of impregnating your clothes with the smell of these chemicals, try a natural trap against moths.

Cedar wood pieces or cedar-impregnated bags are excellent for storing and storing long-term moth-sensitive clothes.
Another natural option is camphor. For room and pantry moths, you can try to place essential oils of eucalyptus, bay leaves, black pepper or cinnamon seeds in various places, and for pantry moths, place dry lemon peels from place to place, to send them away with this citrus smell.

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