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Chemical-Free Window Cleaner For Those Cloudy Windows Of Yours

So, cleaning the windows seems a difficult task? For me it is, because I can say I hate this cleaning chore. But, I have to do it, because calling cleaning services is extremely expensive for me. And, if you don’t like to inhale toxic substances, and I’m sure you don’t, then try the following homemade window cleaning solution to get those shiny windows that you’ve always wanted. I have to be honest this secret is “sold” by my grandma. Back then, she didn’t have money to buy all sort of cleaning solution, but she definitely knew how to use all sort of tricks to get her house cleaned.

You need:

– water
– rubbing alcohol
– vinegar
– 2 drops of dish detergent

Mix all the above ingredients (for the first 3 use equal proportions), and pour them in a spray bottle. Voila! You’ve got your own homemade Windex. Now, you need a microfiber cloth, spray the solution over the window, and start wiping ladies. You’ll definitely love it, and stop using those toxic solutions found in supermarkets.
And remember that it’s much easier to clean the windows when it is slightly cloudy outside!

Image Credits: Livesimply

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