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How To Clean And Care Ceramic Cookware?

Ceramic pans, although they are a bit expensive than other cookware, are good quality, and they truly worth any penny. Lately, ceramic cookware is used more and more by chefs worldwide for its benefits. And let’s face it, the meal cooked in such pan, it’s delicious. In my opinion, the flavor is different than the meal cooked in email pans, for example.

But, when it comes to clean this type of cookware, you have to respect some instructions, in order not to ruin the ceramic layer. Being very sensitive, the ceramic cookware needs special cleaning, especially if you’ve burned your food.

How to care for ceramic cookware?
Because ceramic is a bit more expensive, make this type of cookware more resistant to scratches, without being destroyed at high temperatures. You can use sharp objects to remove burnt food from them, but it’s better to avoid.

How to clean ceramic cookware?
You can clean them using a slightly abrasive dish detergent, but don’t use wire sponges, even if food stuck on the bottom of the pan.

You better: add warm water in the pan and 1 tablespoon of baking soda. Let it act for 20 minutes, and then you can clean them effortlessly.

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