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How To Stretch Those Too-Tight Shoes

I bet it happened to you to purchase a pair of shoes that were too tight, you’re your feet were saying “help!”? But I have the saving solution for your feet, and how to stretch your shoes in minutes.

1. Heat them
We all know, from P.E. classes that things dilate if you use heat. Set your hair dryer at medium temperature, put on a pair of socks, put the shoes on, and use the hair dryer to heat the shoe surface. Start moving your feet inside your shoes to start the stretching process. After your feet start to feel great inside the shoes, stop the hair dryer, and keep the shoes for a few minutes more in your feet. Then you can repeat the process.

2. Wear then inside the house
Wear the shoes in the house with a pair of socks to stretch the shoes a bit. Take them off when your feet can’t stand the pain anymore, and repeat the procedure.

3. Wipe them with rubbing alcohol or vodka
Sounds awkward, but alcohol can soften the leather shoes. Moisten a cotton swab in alcohol, and put it inside your shoes, especially in the areas where you feel pressure on your feet. Then put the shoes on, and start walking around the house wearing the shoes for 10 minutes. It’s advisable to wear a pair of socks.

4. Freeze it
The water expands when it freezes, so you can benefit from this property. Fill two zipper bags with water and place them inside your shoes. Then put the shoes in the freezer. Remove them when the water freezes, let the shoes “warm up” and put them on. Repeat the process until they are ready to be worn outside.

Image Credits: Improvisedlife

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