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How To Whiten Stained Enamel Cookware In A Few Easy And Natural Steps

High-quality enamel pots won’t disappear easily from kitchens, even if modern cookware, such as ceramics, Teflon or stainless steel have appeared in markets, or are used by chefs worldwide. An enamel frying pan or pot can be made of cast iron or iron, covered with a thick and resilient enamel layer that can be stained over time by fats and burned sauces. Well, to bring back white to enamel cookware, there is a trick that my grandma thought me, and I want to share it with you.

How to whiten enamel pots and pans
The big problem with the enamel pots is that they start to yellow or get gray from the tomato juice, meat or other pungent foods.

Over time, enamel cookware begins to crack, and in those microscopic cracks grease and colorants in food will deposit. Also, water salts can be deposited on the inner walls of these pots.

You can whiten them as it follows:

– 1 cup of vinegar
– 3 tablespoons of baking soda

Prepare a solution of the above ingredients, pour it in the pot, and let it act for 20 minutes. Then you can wash the pot with dish detergent. You will see how those ugly stains are gone from the enamel pot.

Another option is to add 2 cups of water along with vinegar and baking soda, and put the solution on low heat to boil for a few minutes.

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