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Milk And Hairspray To Remove Ink And Pen Stains From Clothes

Sometimes some common ingredients or cosmetic may appear on the list of the most awkward solutions to get rid of …stains for example. Yes, when I thought that I’ve ruined my favorite blouse, there comes grandma and says wait! I’ll fix it for you. And she did! I stained my shit once with ink…actually I had drawn a line on my shirt with it! Chlorine would’ve ruined my shirt, and I didn’t knew other ways in getting rid of that awful drawn.

Milk cleans the ink
I remember coming back home from school with the shirt stained with ink, and my mom was always yelling that she is tired in spending money daily for shirts, saying that she will dress me in a plastic bag! Funny mom! And there comes grandma again…with some milk, and she soaked the shirt in milk, leaving it to stay overnight. The next day, wash the shirt like usual, and the ink stain will be gone.

Hairspray and toothpaste
And, if you draw a line on your shirt like I did, you should definitely know that it will go away if you spray hairspray over the stain, let it act for 3 minutes, and then put some white toothpaste (Colgate) over it , and rub gently with a toothbrush. The alcohol found in hairspray will dissolve the pen stains on your shirt, and the toothpaste will clean perfectly any trace of it.

Image Credits: Thespruce

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