My Super Effective Advice To Clean Leather Upholstery Like A Professional

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The sofa, chairs or seats “dressed” in leather or substitutes should be cleaned at least twice a year in order to keep their original color and to get rid of any hard –to-remove stain. And for that, you definitely need my super effective advice. Wink, wink!

Skin, vinyl, or other substitutes are much more resistant, but they can easily be a stained with fat and wine, or they may become black over time.

Cold water and liquid soap
Use a simple mix of cold water and liquid hand soap, and wipe off greasy or dirty stains. It’s important to use a lint-free and white cloth. After washing the leather upholstery, wipe the excess water with another soft and dry cloth. It’s recommended that to do this every week when you clean the house.

Lanolin hand cream
If the upholstery is made of natural leather, you can use commercially available. The leather upholstery should be kept as elastic as possible to last longer and to keep its original color.

Cleansing milk
For vinyl upholstery or other leather substitutes you can use cleansing milk, because is very good. Apply some cleansing milk solution on a clean cloth, and wipe the leather upholstery everywhere, insisting on the more used areas. Cleansing milk will clean the dust, water stains or sweat and will maintain the fabric over time.

Image Credits: Theresasmixednuts

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