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Brilliant Way To Easily Clean Makeup Brushes

If you care about your look, then you should care about your health, too. Don’t hide acne under the foundation, because it will aggravate the situation. And the first enemy for your skin, especially when you use make-up, is the make-up brush. Be honest, how often do you clean your makeup brush? Well, you should do it after every makeup you apply on your face, because brushes are the perfect environment for bacteria development. An important factor in many skin disorders! And if you clean them without chemicals, it’s perfect!

You need:

– a bowl
– 2 parts of dish detergent
– 1.5 part of olive oil

How to clean the brushes

Pour the dishwashing detergent first into the bowl, and then add the olive oil. Take each brush, one at a time, and pass it through the oil solution, using circular motions. When the brush is well soaked in detergent and oil, you will notice that any trace of makeup powder or foundation is removed. Then rinse the brush with hot water (can be tap water). Then wipe the wet brush with a paper towel, and let it dry on a cotton towel until the next day. The dish detergent degreases and removes colored pigments, and olive oil protects and maintain the brush hair silky smooth.

Another option is to replace olive oil with apple cider vinegar.

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