Grandma’s Timeless Solution To Remove Wax From Carpets And Other Fabrics

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You spilled wax on the carpet? Don’t throw it away, because the situation isn’t so dramatic. Of course, it was a drama when I was a kid, because mom often argued me and my brother for ruining every object in the house. Yeah, we were little terrorists. But, grandma was always coming with the saving solution. And I remember when she started to remove wax from the carpet, where I mistakenly dropped it.

She needed only:

– the iron
– paper towels
– baking paper

First clean the top layer of hardened wax with a knife or a pile, but be careful not to cut the carpet. Then put over the wax stain, the paper towel and a piece of high quality silicone baking sheet. Then heat well the iron, and start ironing over the baking paper. This way the wax will melt and it will be absorbed by the paper towel.

After the wax absorbs, it will remain a fatty stain, and if you use some rubbing alcohol to rub the stain a bit, that fatty excess will be gone!

Good luck!

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