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Homemade Dust Mite Killer To Get Rid Of Those Unexpected Guests

I was wondering the other days how to get rid of dust mites, because I saw something crawling in my bed, and some small red spots occured on my belly. Since I don’t have any pets, I didn’t blame fleas for, so I said to myself that probably dust mites are the main culprits.

I thought that calling for professional care wasn’t imperative for the moment. I vacuumed the mattress, cleaned the entire house, but something was telling me it’s not enough.

So, I’ve done my homework and I found this amazing natural remedy which turned out to be super effective. It removed those little monsters from my mattress.

You need:

– Half a glass of rubbing alcohol
– Half a glass of water
– A spoonful of essential lavender oil
– A spray bottle

Steps to follow:

Pour all the above ingredients in a spray bottle and give it a good shake.
Spray this homemade dust mite killer over the sofa and mattress – since they feed on dead skin that people shed (gross, we know, but everyone does it!), you’ll find the highest concentrations in high-use areas – carpets, area rugs, pillows, mattresses.

Start using this solution every month to get rid of any unexpected little guest in your house.

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